Home Owners Association (HOA)

is the information system to get the info you need at a
moments notice is right in front of you in an organized manner

CyberComm Marketing, LLC has created a platform that takes different situations that come up in a community environment, whether it’s a typical neighborhood HOA, or condo owners that may or may not live there full time, or absentee owners with tenants in a college town, or a resort area.  It’s built for the neighborhood HOA, or an apartment complex, whether it’s large or small, or even a smaller company or organization that has several small apartment buildings scattered across town, or across the country.

       As president of a HOA, I know the frustration of not having immediate access to the correct contact information of property owners, or their tenants if that’s the case. I know the frustration when a pet is lost in the neighborhood, and you can’t get the word out fast enough! It’s frustrating when the email address you have on a property owner is no longer valid, and you get a bounce back 3 days later!  It’s frustrating when you send an email that’s valid, but it’s never opened, because a filter has sent it to the junk pile. It’s frustrating when the phone number you have is a landline, and it’s no longer in service!  It’s frustrating when the A/C drainage pipe or water heater in an upstairs unit clogs up and starts leaking into the unit below. You can’t reach the owner, the tenant is not there, and you can’t find his number!  As each minute passes, more and more damage is being done! This information system was designed to solve those problems, and in the end to give the president and officers of the association, or mgt of a complex to have piece of mind that they have the info they need on the owners and tenants in case something arises.

Many times information needs to be sent to an individual or a group. It may not be an emergency, but you want to be confident that everybody will receive the message in a timely manner. Sometimes it may be more urgent, and not knowing the name & phone # of the right person could evolve into a dangerous situation, or costly at the very least.

Yes, you may have everybody’s email addresses, but it could be hours, or even days before some people see them, and there’s always a few that never do!

Yes, you may have their phone numbers, but between the cell phone, the office phone,or even the old extinct landline, communication can be spotty at times.

Here’s the point. It doesn’t matter if it’s a HOA that is all owner occupied, an apartment complex with all tenants, or somewhere in between, having the contact information handy in an efficient and organized manner is essential. It will save time, money, and give everybody the piece of mind that comes with being organized from having a system in place that works!



Some of the Features-

1. You can e-mail each individual from his info page using the gray box to the right of the email address, or you can email the group as a whole at the same time using the group email feature on the left side. Or you can even email just the HOA members that owe dues.

1). Select Email option

2) Click on the “Status” button at the top

3)Select “ALL” to email everybody. or even “Not Current” to email everybody that is delinquent for HOA dues.


3. You can search the information by the name of the individual, or the address/unit # if you know it, but not who lives there.

4. If the owner is absentee there is still a place to enter his contact info wherever he may be, then there is a section if needed for the tenant information, including name, phone, email, and even a place to put the vehicle tag # in case it is needed for cars that end up in the wrong parking spot!


Q & A

What exactly goes in the contact info box that is filled out by the association member, and why is there another place to enter an address there, as well as the address at the top.
Your contact info including your mailing address goes here. Therefore if anything changes, the member has the capability to go in and change the info by themselves without bothering the administrator.

The actual address/unit of the HOA property is listed at the top, along with the name and e-mail of the property owner. When the property owner doesn’t live there, and has tenants, the association management knows the  contact info including the actual mailing address wherever the property owner may actually reside.

Why is the tenant information needed?

Management needs to know the name, etc of who lives in the unit or home in case of emergency, and we need to reach whoever actually lives there. It’s also nice to know that no one lives there except the absentee owner if that’s the case.

Who has access to the tenant information?
Only the property owner, and the administrator in charge, The administrator can see all the information, while the member can only see his.

Why do you need the vehicle’s tag #?

Mostly this situation only applies at an apartment complex, or where a condo association has a common parking lot. Many times there are problems involving cars that are parked in the wrong space, or shouldn’t even be there at all. That’s why we want the tag # of the vehicle belonging to whoever lives at the property, so management can know which car belongs to which unit.




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